Thursday, August 23, 2007


Of course it always rains on my days off though I was fooled today when I saw a bright blue sky outside my bedroom window. By the time I made it to the my destination, however, the skies had clouded over and a thunderstorm took hold for the rest of the afternoon.

Instead of retreating to the bookstore as I usually do during inclimate weather, I decided to attempt to take pictures in the rain. These flower photos were taken in Lincoln Park and in the Gold Coast area near Loyola's campus. I made quite a sight bending over the sidewalk, one hand clutching my umbrella and the other trying to focus my dSLR.

I was such an unusual sight that a Canadian art student actually stopped and took my picture on his medium format box camera (perhaps it was a Yashicamat?). Unfortunately I did not get his contact information nor his name so I will not see his results. Now, if my life was a sitcom he would somehow come across this blog and contact me...

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Michelle said...

To be honest, I hope your life isn't a sitcom, and instead just serendipitous; I'd rather here of you at some New York (or London) museum walking around the contemporary wing and finding the picture of yourself hanging on a wall. That would be much better than him, luckily, stumbling across a blog.