Sunday, August 12, 2007

Colour on Chicago Street

Due to the rerouting of the 66 bus today I found myself wandering along an unfamiliar stretch of Chicago St. in the West Town area. It was rather desolate over there--I was the only one walking along the rows of shuttered stores and warehouses--but the colours of several of the buildings served to brighten the rather gritty area.

The pairing of these two images was partially influenced by a File Magazine Project I discovered a few weeks ago: Two Thirds Primary by Chicago residents Rod Hunting & Tiffany Paige. As the name suggests, they take polaroid photos of blue & red imagery around the South Side. The project is quite inspiring, it's one of the reasons I've started using my (slightly crappy) Polaroid camera again.

1 comment:

Gennia said...

love them!

I'll take me a while to get my vegas photos developed...I want a polaroid camera.