Friday, August 10, 2007

My 'hood: Chinatown

Though I'd always had an affinity for LA's Chinatown (dim sum, cheap Mary Janes and parades throughout the year, what's not to love?) I never expected to live in a Chinatown.

This summer in Chicago, however, I'm subletting an apartment right on the main drag of Chinatown. Every day I must fight flocks of tourists and knots of elderly Chinese gentlemen smoking & chewing on bbq pork buns just to reach the Red Line El Stop. Living in a such a tourist destination can have its drawbacks but being in such a colourful area provides me with ample photo opportunities.

Tonight I used my Polaroid camera to capture details of buildings I pass regularly on my walk home. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner at the moment so this is a digital photograph of two of the pictures I took today.

On the Left- Side of a Christian church. On the right-Jars of Chinese candy lined up in the window of a market.

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Gennia said...

love the first one!